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Natural contraception and child planning
by lunar phases


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Books on birth control by lunar phases:

The most important book on lunar phases and birth control:
Cosmobiological Birth Control

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German books
Books on geopathogenic radiation:

Building biologists, dowsers and open-minded doctors and naturopaths assume that in many cases of conception problems or miscarriages there is a negative influence caused by  geopathogenic radiation (subterranean water currents, faults, Curry net) at the bed location or by 'electro-smog'  present in the house.


Books out of print:
Ostrander/Schroeder: ABC - Astrological Birth Control; USA, 1973
see: quotes from the book
Art Rosenblum: The Natural Birth Control Book
Aquarian Research Foundation; Philadelphia PA, 1984
Jonas, Einblicke in die Kosmobiologie - Natürliche Geburtenregelung;
Zürich 1982


     Geopathogenic stress causing
        conception problems, 07/2001


     Cosmobiology in the Western
        hemisphere as early as 1912?
        (author unknown)

        The Astrology Of Fertility,
        Atlantis Rising 7/96

        Article on medical astrology

German Articles

     Salzburger Fenster 16/1993

     Mensch & Sein 02/2000


Institute for Astrological Mathematics    -   Dreieich / Germany